Thursday, February 11, 2016

NCAA announces it will stop trying to lie to us about the "first round" of the tournament

Actually the first round.
Ever since the men's college basketball tournament expanded to 68 teams in 2011, the NCAA has attempted (unsuccessfully) to perpetrate a fraud on the hoops-watching American public.

For the past five years, the NCAA repeatedly told us that the first round (when 64 teams play on Thursday and Friday) was actually the second round, and that the four play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday were actually the first round.  Nobody believed it and nobody actually called them that, but the NCAA insisted that was the case and did its best to make things as confusing as possible.

Today the NCAA admitted that was stupid by officially renaming the first round "the first round" and calling the play-in games the "First Four."

The next thing that needs to be fixed about the tournament?  Stop playing every game on the same boring floor.

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