Saturday, July 13, 2013

If you're meeting a blind date in a bar, probably don't order lemonade

For whatever reason, the bar I work in is a very popular spot for blind dates.  The other night a guy came in by himself, and ordered a glass of water while he was waiting; pretty standard protocol for when you're not sure of the situation.  I gave him a beer/wine/cocktail list to look over, which he handed to his date when she arrived a few minutes later.  After allowing them a little time to chat, I walked over and asked what they would like to drink.  She said "I'll have a lemonade please."

The stunned look of confusion on the guy's face at that moment was priceless (much like in the above picture).  After hesitating for a second, he uncomfortably ordered a beer.  About twenty minutes later she'd finished her lemonade, and his beer was empty.  When I asked if I could get them anything else, she said that she was fine, so then he did too.  They sat there talking with empty glasses in front of them for probably another half an hour before leaving.

The funny thing is they seemed to really enjoy each other.  It's not as if she showed up, didn't like the looks of him, called an audible, and ordered a non-alcoholic beverage in order to shorten the date.  She clearly had no intentions of drinking from the beginning, and he felt strange getting more than one beer because of this.  So here's what I don't understand: Why did this date happen at a bar?  Why not meet at a coffee shop, go for a walk, grab an ice cream, or even get a table and order something to eat in the very same restaurant; just don't sit at the bar.  I'd think one of the first things they teach you in Blind Date 101 would be "don't make your date feel super awkward by going to a bar and not having a drink."


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