Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is Andrew Bynum a sneaky basketball-hating genius?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have apparently signed free agent center Andrew Bynum to a 2 year contract worth up to $24 million, with $6 million guaranteed.  Bynum didn't play basketball last year.  Philadelphia made a blockbuster trade to acquire him last offseason, and at the time he was reportedly recovering from a minor knee injury.  Then when it appeared he was almost ready to return, Bynum allegedly re-aggravated the injury while bowling.

He sat out the entire season watching his Sixers struggle.  In late February he came back and practiced for a single day, at which point Bynum's coach said he was out of shape and an obstruction to the rest of the team.  He never took the court again.

Back when the bowling incident happened, it was reported that a former teammate had this to say about him:
"I do know that I’ve never met another player in the league who likes basketball less.
It's unclear whether or not Bynum is "healthy" enough to play right now.  He made $16.9 million last year.  He can still earn another $6 mil from the Cavaliers without ever even suiting up for another game.  If he decided a year ago that he hated basketball so much he didn't want to do it anymore, it's a pretty diabolical and impressive plan he's put together for continuing to get paid.



  1. On ESPN this AM, somebody (Ithink it was Bayless) cited a source in the Sixer organization telling him that Bynum's MRI reveals a degenerative problem with the knee and claiming that Philly had been "duped." (Popular word in sports lingo these days, huh?)

    If there's indeed a "money grab" angle to this, I"d hate to be Andrew's agent. Who'd ever trust that guy again?)

  2. Oh wow, I hadn't heard that, thanks! And great point about the agent...


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