Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mallrats, flavored scotch, and How I Met Your Mother

Today's blog has a few different themes to it, and they all relate to this Dewar's commercial staring Claire Forlani:

One, I've always liked Claire Forlani ever since she stared in Mallrats, which was easily my favorite movie my freshman year of college.  I thought this game show scene was pretty much the funniest thing ever (it's definitely not PG rated):

So while I commend Dewars on their choice of actresses, I think the product they are pushing is completely absurd.  Honey flavored scotch?  Are you kidding me?  The point of scotch is that it's aged to develop it's own unique flavor.  It's for grandparents, not teenyboppers.  I honestly think I'm being extremely generous with the size of the overlapping area in the picture below:

When I first learned of this abomination from Dewar's I was immediately reminded of this great scene from How I Met Your Mother (it's worth it, I promise):

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