Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snifters: 101

This a snifter.
Here's another of my public service announcements regarding appropriate bar behavior.  The restaurant I work in serves a lot of nice tequila.  People often like to drink it out of a snifter.  That's fine by me, it's a fun and fancy looking glass to hold.

Sometimes they order it "on the rocks" (with ice), or chilled (shaken with ice then strained into a glass).  These are both perfectly acceptable ways to drink your tequila, or whatever other liquor you like (although if it's a good one you're probably kind of ruining it by watering it down).  But, if you order your booze on the rocks or chilled AND in a snifter, you're totally defeating the point (and also making the bartender think you're a chump, which is generally good to avoid).

The reason snifters are shaped the way they are is so that you can cup the glass in the palm of your hand, and warm up whatever is inside it.  If there was ice involved in the process of pouring your drink, "warming it up" probably isn't what you are looking for.


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