Monday, December 10, 2012

SVP and Russillo show live at the Harp in Boston today

My former Richmond classmate Todd McShay was the guest.
As I've mentioned previously, the SVP and Rusillo show is my favorite of all the espn day time sports talk shows (even before they read one of my tweets on the air).  I think they're funny, and they seem to have the same taste in '90s pop culture that I do (i.e. they had Snoop Dog on their show a few weeks ago).  So when I learned that they were broadcasting live from the Harp in Boston today, I was in.

Two things in particular stood out to me while watching the show in person: One, Scott Van Pelt is really tall.  And two, as soon as the cameras stop rolling they immediately pull out their cell phones and spend the breaks scanning twitter.  I DVRed (if that's not an official word yet it should be) the show and browsed over it when I got home.  Here's a clip of Van Pelt and Russillo talking with espn's draft guru Todd McShay.  There's a decent chance I'm the one who yells out "Spiders" at the :22 mark, and "Yeah Richmond!" at :31 seconds.

The cameras also frequently panned through the crowd each time they came in and out of commercials.  Unfortunately you can't read the "" on my hat; big free advertising opportunity lost...


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