Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Writing about the Patriots/Brady's amazingness is getting pretty redundant

All I really want to say about the Pats and Brady today is "everything I've already said lately, but now it's even better/more/longer."  Every game it seems they're breaking new records, and extending old ones.  Two weeks ago I suggested that their stats indicated they were the best team in the NFL.  Now a lot of people are starting to agree.  In fact I've heard the phrase "their 3 losses are by a total of just 4 points" many times on the espns today.  I really wish I'd made a bigger deal of that when I was using it to defend them 7 weeks ago.

Two of the numbers that are most impressive to me became even greater last night:
- New England is averaging 36.3 points per game, over a touchdown more than the league's second highest scoring offense, Denver at 28.8 PPG.
- The Patriots are also outscoring their opponents by an average of 15.2 points per game, the next best differential in the NFL is San Francisco at just 10.2 PPG.

Some impressive streaks that go on:
- The Pats have won 21 straight regular season games in the second half of the season.
- Yesterday was their 20th consecutive win at home in the month of December.
- They've now won at least 10 games in each of the last 10 years.

And one more new record:
- Against the Texans Tom Brady just had his 14th career game with 4 TD passes and zero interceptions, the most of any player ever.


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