Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How come men use cash and women don't?

This is something I have noticed time and time again while working behind a bar.  If a man walks up and buys a single drink, 9 out of 10 times he'll hand me a $20 bill to pay for it.  Conversely, if a women does the same thing, she will almost always use a credit card.  Why is this?

It's not because it's too difficult to carry; I'm not talking about college girls on "club night" who go out in a tight dress carrying nothing but their phone, ID, and a credit card.  This is men with a wallet in their pockets compared to women with a bag hanging from their forearm.  If anything the men have less room for the cash.  I assume it's not a fear of getting mugged, isn't the trauma of that scenario far worse than worrying about losing $50-$100 in cash?

Is this conundrum related in some way to great-grandmothers who always write a check when buying groceries?  I don't understand what it is about cash that is just more manly; or at least perceived that way by men, women, or both.  If you have any theories on this please let me know.  Either via comment below, tweet, or the facebook.


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