Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why do people think it's OK to ask bartenders to put more booze in their drinks?

Here's a story that happened to me last night:

A guy stood up from his table in the dining room and walked over to the bar to complain to me about his drink.  First off, that's a mistake right there.  When you're sitting at a table and you have a server waiting on you, that's the person you should interact with in this situation.  If there was something wrong with your food, would you ever get up and carry it back into the kitchen?

Anyway, he said to me "Can you put some more vodka in this?"  The really funny part here is that this was a 30-year-old guy in a tequila bar who'd ordered a vodka drink called a "Berry Bomb" (personally I'm somewhat embarrassed that we even offer it).

He'd drank about a third of his cocktail, which obviously doesn't taste much like alcohol (its purpose) because of the sugary berry puree it's made with.  I told him "Sorry, no, I can't just give you more alcohol.  But you're welcome to order another shot to put in it if you like."

The vast majority of the cost of drinks is the liquor.  You can't just "have more."  He dejectedly returned to his table, and to my surprise ordered another "Berry Bomb" a short time later.  If you don't like a drink, why would you have a second one?  This time he told the waitress to "wink at me and ask for more booze in it."

It blows my mind that people think this is reasonable behavior.  It's the equivalent of calling up a pizza place and saying "I'd like to order a small pizza please.  Oh, but can you just make it a large instead for the same price?"

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