Thursday, October 30, 2014

Congratulations to the World Series champion San Francisco Bumgarners

The "Bumgarners" is a weird name for a Major League Baseball team.  For those who don't know its origin, it's derived from the last name of San Francisco's ace pitcher, Madison Bumgarner.

Why would a franchise name itself after one of its players?  Because he won a World Series all by himself.

San Francisco finished the 2014 regular season with a 88-74 record, tied with three other clubs for the eighth-best record in baseball.  In the postseason Bumgarner (the player) pitched nearly one third of the total innings the Bumgarners (the team) played--52.2 of 160 (32.9 percent).  His playoff earned run average was 1.03, the rest of his "teammates" combined posted an ERA of 3.77.

In the World Series the discrepancy was even more extreme: Bumgarner (the pitcher) hurled 21 of 61 total innings (34.4 percent) with a 0.43 ERA.  Other guys wearing the same uniform combined for an ERA of 5.85.

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