Friday, October 31, 2014

How is it possible that Koji Uehara doesn't know English?

Yesterday the Red Sox re-signed Koji Uehara to a two-year $18 million contract.  For the purposes of this blog I don't care about whether or not it was a good idea (it's not as bad as it sounds, to sign him for just one more season they almost certainly would've had to pay him the standard one-year qualifying offer of $15.3 mil).

At the moment I'm only interested in the way Koji decided to tell his fans:

Five minutes later the Red Sox tweeted this:

No high fives for you on this one Koji.

My thought is if he was really looking forward to seeing us he would have learned how to tell us that himself.  Uehara has been here playing Major League Baseball for six years.  How the hell has he not learned English yet?  It's embarrassing for him, and I think somewhat disrespectful to his fans and teammates.

I'm legitimately upset and a little fired up about this.

When Tom Selleck went over to Japan in Mr. Baseball I'm pretty sure he was speaking Japanese before the end of the season.


It looks as though I may be overreacting here.  A few responses I've gotten on Facebook and Twitter:

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