Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Advice for bar patrons: Don't be afraid to look at the menu before ordering

I promise it won't bite.
Couple sits down at my bar:

Me - "Would you like to see a beer, wine and cocktail list (as I reach for a menu)?"
Woman - "No thanks, we're just going to have some beers."

This amuses me because one, I feel as though a list of available beers might be a useful tool in the process of ordering them.  And two, I can already sense what's coming.

Woman - "We'll have two Miller Lites."
Me - "Sorry, I don't have Miller Lite (holding out the list), will Bud Light do?"
Woman - "No thanks."
Man - "I'll take a Heineken instead."
Me - "I don't have that either (shaking my head and still holding out the aforementioned list)."
Woman - "I'll just have a Corona then."
Me - "Nope (with a bit of a chuckle).  Maybe you'd like to look at this list?"
Man - "Stella?"
Me - "I'll come back in a minute (setting the list down in front of them and walking away)."

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