Friday, August 22, 2014

Why do you think these people have a dog stroller?

My attempt at discretion caused the poor photo quality.
I saw this contraption being pushed along the sidewalk of the Oak Bluffs harbor on Martha's Vineyard the other day.

Are dog strollers really a thing?  Do they apply in the same manner as with actual human children--too small to walk any distance on their own, but also too big to carry for very long?  I never heard of a dog being unable to walk as far as it's owner though, and from the looks of this person that explanation seems highly unlikely.

Is it for the dog's protection?  Who knows what potential puppy dangers are lurking on the Vineyard streets on a pleasant August evening...

As much as I mock this, in reality I fully support the concept.  Anything that keeps dogs better under their owners' control and less likely to come sniffing at my legs uninvited is definitely a plus.

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