Friday, July 13, 2012

"Can I get $7 of Patron?"

I was sitting at a bar last weekend when a guy walked up beside me and asked exactly this question.  He knew the cost of a shot of Patron was more than that, and he was hoping he could get a smaller portion at a cheaper price.  The bartender in me hates things like this.  I think all people who come into my bar should only act in ways I see fit that make my job as easy as possible; and questions of that nature are not allowed.  It's a common theory among restaurant employees that all humans should be required to work in a restaurant before they are permitted to eat or drink in a restaurant, so they know what is and is not appropriate behavior.

But, the logical part of my brain loves this idea.  I like good expensive tequila (which, by the way, Patron is NOT), and I like to nurse and enjoy it with many tiny sips.  But I rarely order it, because it bugs me to pay $14-15 dollars for a drink.  On the other hand, I'd happily get 1/3 size shots of Chinaco Anejo from time to time for $5.

Or maybe sometimes you only have a few minutes in the bar, but you don't feel like chugging a full beer.  Why not order a half draft for $2.50 instead of $5?  There are tons of possibilities.

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  1. If I were the bartender I'd say okay. Take his seven dollars and let him sniff the cap. If the shot cost ten dollars I'd say "find me another three and I'll let you taste it too."


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