Monday, July 9, 2012

I ate breakfast with Punky Brewster today

I was eating at an outdoor cafe/restaurant in Edgartown this morning, and Soleil Moon Frye walked in at sat down at the table next to me.  She had a couple kids, and a very Hollywood looking husband.

All day since then I've been trying to think of episode plots from that show, but there's only one that sticks in my head; when her friend Cherie got stuck in a refrigerator.  It was one of those times when a sitcom taught an important lesson to kids.  That's right, for all you youngsters reading this, not that long ago one of the biggest dangers out there facing young children was the threat of getting trapped in discarded old refrigerators and suffocating to death.  Seriously.  If you get bored with the clip, jump ahead to the 6:30 mark.

And if you're scared and need to see what happens, you can watch the rest here.  I also remember the one episode of Saved By the Bell that "Punky" was on.  She dated Screech for his money because he was getting rich selling spaghetti sauce.  But, what I didn't remember was that she was in both an episode of Friends (where she went out with Joey and punched him too hard), and The Wonder Years (where she hangs out with Kevin at a company picnic).  I know these pictures aren't very good, but this was pretty obscure stuff I had to search for.  If you don't believe me check IMDB



  1. What did her shoes look like? Where they all different colors or was she rocking flops?

  2. never saw her shoes. but her husband hand on skinny jeans and a trucker hat.


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