Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 Simple reasons why the Red Sox are in better shape than you think

1.  Yeah, they are a .500 team at the All-Star break (43-43).  But guess what, the Orioles are currently holding down the final playoff spot at just 45-40.  So A: the Sox are only 2.5 games back, and B: it's the Orioles.

2.  The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series last year (and in 2006).  On August 24, with just over a month to go in the season, they were 67-63.  They got hot down the stretch, and an epic choke by the Braves (similar to the Red Sox) let them sneak into the Wild Card.  It's only mid-July right now, Boston has plenty of time to make a run.  And if you look back 4 years ago to 2008, the Dodgers were 46-49 at the break, and they ended up winning the N.L. West.

3.  Jacoby Ellsbury.  He was the best player in the American League last year.  And he's coming back.  On Friday.


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