Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Rajon Rondo return day! A look at some of his best work:

In honor of #9's return to action vs the Lakers at the Garden this evening, here's a video countdown of his greatest plays:

And a Rondo-centric compilation of blog post highlight links:

5/8/11 - Rajon Rondo is not a normal human being (Dwyane Wade bent his elbow the wrong way, but he came back in the game and helped the Celtics win)

10/15/11 - Rondo! (In an exhibition game during the lockout he threw a completely insane no-look backwards over-the-head one-handed alley-oop)

2/13/12 - Rajon Rondo did a lot of things in 21 seconds

3/5/12 - Man, Celtics-Knicks games are NUTS! (Rondo had the NBA's greatest triple-double in 44 years)

Some pretty good company... (he's since passed Russell with 3)
4/12/12 - I have unlimited faith in the Celtics right now (Rondo set a historic mark for triple-doubles)

5/7/12 - I don't understand how Rajon Rondo does the things he does (he threw a pass that looks impossible on instant replay)

5/27/12 - Rajon Rondo can do anything he wants* (when he needs to)

5/31/12 - Ugh. At least baseball season is looking up (the Celtics lost despite one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history by Rondo)

6/2/12 - It's funny that the Heat think acting like princesses is the way to go (Part A) and 6/4/12 - Part B

12/8/12 - Why can't there be assists on made free throws?

11/12/12 - Ok, I'm a little insane about this double digit assist streak (he would eventually tie Stockton for 2nd all-time, ending due to the Brooklyn brawl game with Kris Humphries)

12/8/12 - Rajon Rondo is back to his old triple double antics

1/26/13 - Rondo's triple double dominance, and Boston's reaction to Ray's return (it was the night he tore his ACL, but we wouldn't know it until midway through the Heat game two days later)

3/4/13 - My all-time #1 Celtics highlight that I've ever witnessed in person

If you're not thoroughly pumped by now, watch this:

Finally, I can't not mention that Rondo has posted triple-doubles in each of the last two games he's played.

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