Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Rajon Rondo reaction

I walked into the TD Garden today just in time to hear "Courtney Lee" announced in the starting lineups.  My first reaction was fear that Rajon Rondo had been traded.  My buddy read on his phone that Rondo had tweaked his knee and was having an MRI.  I thought it was odd that this could have happened in the game two days ago, but we were just hearing about it now.  But my biggest worry at the time was that I was hoping this would be the game Boston ended their losing streak, and proved they could still contend.  Without Rondo that seemingly went out the window.

With the Celtics up by 3 in the third quarter, I heard a lady sitting behind us yell out "Rondo tore his ACL!"  After a a quick look on twitter it was obvious that she was right.  In that instant I no longer had any interest in the game I was watching.  I wondered if the players knew Rondo was done for the year (It turns out they didn't till after the game.  It's crazy to me to think that everybody in the building knew except for the Celtics themselves), and whether or not they would keep competing.

Pierce's jumper put Boston up 99-98.
Somehow Boston outlasted Miami in double overtime, their second consecutive double OT game.  Old man Paul Pierce, who looked terrible at times, hit a big shot when it mattered, and posted the third consecutive triple double for a Celtic player.  Boston also managed to hold the Heat under 100 points (98), despite the extra ten minutes.

Arguably the C's two biggest wins this season (today, and at New York three weeks ago) have come without Rajon Rondo on the floor.  I'm not sure where they go from here, but they can still compete with what they've got.

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