Saturday, February 2, 2013

I can't handle any more of the meaningless "elite QB" conversations

In all the endless Super Bowl hype from the past two weeks, one of the frequently recurring themes has been "How good is Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco?"  And more specifically, is he currently/about to become an elite player?  The "elite QB" discussion is one you see time and time again on ESPN and other channels covering the NFL.  The "experts" love to continually debate this topic.

The funny thing is, they rarely if ever define what the word "elite" means.  Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of the entire conversation?  If it's referring to the best of the best of all people in the world who've ever played quarterback in a football game, then I'm fairly certain that everyone who's made it to the National Football League qualifies as "elite."

Assuming they're talking about starting QB's in the NFL, does it mean the top 10% (which seems like a fair interpretation of the word, however in that case only three guys would qualify)?  If so, then just say it.  If it means the "Top 5" in the league, then say that.  Either way it's not Joe Flacco, and I'm tired of the pointless undefined conversation.


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