Monday, January 28, 2013

Blazers on women: attractive or not?

Last night was my work's staff holiday party (since restaurants are usually throwing everybody else's Christmas parties in December, they tend to have their own in January), and now that it's almost dark outside I've just about recovered.  But the subject of this post is actually a conversation that I had last fall, which I was reminded of by one person's choice of attire for the party.

I am of the opinion that females do not look good in blazers.  While they might often look "nice" or "professional," basically any time women wear a blazer they are always going to be more attractive when they take it off.  While I have yet to obtain any hard data on this, my guess is that a very high percentage of men would agree with me.  I don't remember exactly when or how this topic came up, but the women I had the conversation with were very surprised I felt this way, and slightly stunned that I believed pretty much all other guys did too.

Weigh in if you have an opinion (either in the comments section, on facebook, or on twitter), and vote in the poll on the right.  And please don't be offended, I'm just curious.  I wouldn't have used this as a topic if the aforementioned females hadn't suggested it was a good one.


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