Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That sport with the skates is back, is it taking over?

Brad Marchand scored the game winner in a shootout Tuesday.
With the Patriots recently being dealt a painful and unexpected playoff loss, the Celtics under-performing and suffering a season ending injury to Rajon Rondo, and the Red Sox following up their worst campaign in 47 years with an uneventful offseason, the Boston Bruins have picked the perfect time to return to the ice and play some great hockey.  Undefeated in regulation, the 5-0-1 B's have a nearly perfect 11 points through 6 games.

But, this isn't going to be a "the Bruins are now clearly the best team in town" piece.  It's more about feeling cautiously optimistic in the wake of some recent disappointments.  Boston's hot start has put them at the top of the Eastern Conference, but there are also two teams in the West (Chicago and San Jose) that are both 6-0-0 with 12 points.  Not to mention I have some very distinct memories of a Bruins team last year that absolutely dominated the NHL for a long stretch of the season before losing in the first round of the playoffs.

And don't count out the Celtics just yet, they are unbeaten since their point guard tore his ACL.  The springlike weather today has also got baseball on my mind; Red Sox pitchers and report to Fort Myers in just 11 days.


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