Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rondo's triple double dominance, and Boston's reaction to Ray's return

Rondo has triple doubles in the Celtics last two losses.
Friday night's debacle in Atlanta was one of the most difficult Celtics losses I can remember seeing in a long, long time.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  Rajon Rondo did however post his second consecutive triple double.  He's now got 5 this season, 3 more than anyone else in the NBA.  Last year he had 6, while nobody else in the league even did it more than once.  If you include the 4 he had in the playoffs last spring, he's got 15 since the beginning of last season.  The next best over that time period?  Lebron James' 3.

Sunday Lebron and the Miami Heat come to town.  If Boston can find a way to beat them, it'll go a long way towards making people forget about this 6 game losing streak.  I may be the only person in New England who actually thinks it could happen.

But, the real question is how the fans will react to Ray Allen, who's making his first appearance back here since fleeing to Miami.  The Celtics will undoubtedly have some sort of tribute for Ray, and I wonder how it will go over.  I'll be there in the crowd, and I'm not even sure how I'll handle it.  My guess is that if they throw up a montage filled with game winning threes and a bunch of moments from the 2007 title run, myself and most of the Garden fans win lean towards cheers rather than boos.

Paul Pierce also just passed Allen for 21st place on the NBA's all-time scoring list, and currently leads him by 14 points (23,398 to 23,384).  If Ray gets off to a hot start we could possibly see the lead change hands during the game, maybe even multiple times.



  1. Garden crowds have always been classy. I've always been proud to say that my sister and I were present and joined in when the "Beat LA" chant was born in 1982. Curiously that Game 7 vs. Philly was the last game I attended before moving to Texas.

    Garden crowds have also shown their appreciation for retiring opponents in their final appearances. (Dave DeBusschere and Wes Unseld come to mind from my days of regular attendance.)
    Hey,maybe Ray will decide to hang up his high-tops this year and y'all can give him a real salute in March.

    Also, your not alone in your faith. Miami's been real up and down lately, and they punished Detroit the other night, so they're due for another mediocre showing.
    They can be had...of course it would help if Brother Bass could remember how to make a shot, huh?


    P.S. The goofy non-robot letters almost spell a word this time. How did that happen!!

  2. So all of this has been greatly overshadowed by the Rondo news, but when they showed the Ray montage there were a lot of boos at first, which then eventually became drowned out by a large standing ovation. Pretty much along the lines with what we both thought.


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