Thursday, January 24, 2013

Something weird is happening...

Is LucidSportsFan blowing up?
According to my website's official statistics, got 730 page views yesterday.  To the best of my memory that is the second busiest day in the site's history.  The thing is, I can't explain it.  I have access to data that shows where hits come from, and usually on big days most of the views can be traced to one specific link or source.  Yesterday 39 hits came from various google searches, and 28 randomly from China.  That still leaves 663 some odd people who visited my page without being directed there from any one particular place.

So far 421 page views have already been recorded today.  That makes this probably one of the 10 best days ever, and I haven't even written anything yet.  And still there is no explanation for where they are coming from.  Either something is wrong with google's numbers, or my site just got a lot more popular very quickly.

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