Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Twitter roundup: #LeBroning, Tommy Heinsohn goes crazy, Julian Edelman > Wes Welker, & Rondo's return

Here's what's been going on lately:

In maybe my favorite use ever of technology/social media, high school kids are filming themselves "flopping" while walking down the hallway, posting it on Vine, and calling it "#LeBroning."   I highly recommend clicking on the buzzfeed link in this tweet:

During last night's Celtics television broadcast, Boston announcer Tommy Heinsohn went a little bit nuts, even for him:

Here's my post on Tommy's antics for Celtics Life (which includes a great clip of Larry Bird and Michael Jordan playing horse in a McDonald's commercial):

With the Patriots and Broncos getting ready to play for the AFC title, it seemed like a good time to write a Yahoo Sports article about whether or not New England misses Wes Welker:

And finally, last night Rajon Rondo tweeted out the number of seconds between when he had surgery to repair his ACL, and when he intends to return to action for the Celtics:

If you don't mind, please take the time to vote in the poll below:

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