Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celtics Tankometer update & a 37 second Jordan Crawford trade analysis

Late last night (or early this morning) I wrote a post for CelticsLife about a rumor that Jordan Crawford was close to being traded.  Today it happened.  Crawford and MarShon Brooks are headed to Golden State, with the Celtics getting Joel Anthony from Miami along with the Heat's 2nd round draft choice, as well as Philly's 1st round pick this year or next, unless the Sixers are in the lottery both years in which case it becomes two more 2nd rounders.

Going with Boston's trade philosophy that I've discussed previously, this deal is not about the player (Anthony) they're getting, but rather the potential future assets (the picks).  In doing so the Celtics dumped two guys who don't factor into their long term plans, so they're not giving up anything they care about.  I'm still not wild about it though, because they have to pay Anthony $3.8 million next season.  Unlike the Courtney Lee trade, this one hurts Boston's future salary cap situation.  Second round draft picks also very rarely amount to much in the NBA.

I wish they'd dealt Crawford a month ago when his value peaked, and they might have been able to get a little more in return.  If the Sixers make the playoffs (highly unlikely this year, but maybe next year) and the Celtics get a 1st round selection out of it, this move will look good.  For now I'll give it a push while waiting to see what else Danny Ainge does.

Since I first introduced the Tankometer (read this link to see how it works) a week ago Boston has gone 0-4, extended their losing streak to 9 games, moved into a tie for the 3rd worst record in the league, and made a rebuilding trade that makes them worse in the short term; yet somehow the meter has risen from 47% to 49%.  How did this happen?  Well, a likely reason for Crawford being shipped out of town today is the fact that his job is about to be reclaimed by a certain All-Star point guard.  The Celtics adding Rajon Rondo back into their lineup gives the Tankometer a huge boost.

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