Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's funny that the Heat think acting like princesses is the way to go

There are two plays from Game 3 last night that jump out at me.  The first occurred with 4:50 to go in the 4th quarter.  Ray Allen fouled Lebron in a very similar manner to the no call when Wade hit Rondo in OT of Game 2.  Now I'm not complaining about how Lebron got the call and Rondo didn't.  I just want to point out James' reaction to being grazed in the back of the head by Ray's hand.

His head snaps back and in the direction towards the contact.  That is clearly not a natural reaction.  It's something Lebron has consistently done throughout his career; attempt to draw fouls by acting as if he's been shot, usually when being "hit" by a much smaller and weaker player.  His buddy Dwayne Wade has mastered a different technique that often produces similar results.  Jump ahead to the 2:50 mark of this clip (and if you can identify what language they're speaking I'll be impressed):  

Wade shoots and tries to draw the foul on Pierce, who steps to the side and puts his arms up as if to say "there is NO WAY I'm fouling you here."  As this is happening Wade pulls his signature move, which is to throw his arms in the air as he shoots to make it appear as if he is fouled.  The refs weren't buying it this time, and after the miss Wade stops and again throws his arms in the air, begging for a call in utter disbelief that his tried and true method of acting was unsuccessful.  Meanwhile Rondo goes down the other way and ices the game.  

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