Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crazy night at the Garden, and my take on the end of "the streak"

Really the only good thing that happened at the Garden last night for Celtics fans was a courtside appearance from local Olympic Gold Medal winning gymnast Ali Raisman.  I can only do so much with my cell phone from the 15th row, but I promise that's her:

Boston didn't play well.  Multiple guys left with injuries (Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, and "sick" Chris Wilcox).  And the "fight" that got Rajon Rondo ejected (and now suspended for two games) also brought an end to his 37 game streak of double digit assists.  Right after the melee the scratches on Kris Humphries' left shoulder were clearly visible from the stands:

Now here's my thoughts on the streak: While it's a cheap way for it to finish, it's certainly memorable. I'm not going to forget the "Brooklyn Brawl Game" anytime soon.  And Rondo's near record will always have an asterisk of sorts attached to it, but in a good way.  While he may not have been able to break Magic Johnson's 46 game mark, we'll always be able to wonder, speculate, and hope/assume that he could have.  Not to mention the fact that being tied with John Stockton for #2 on an all-time list behind Magic is nothing to complain about.

And from a basketball fan point of view, I'm kind of relieved that it's over.  Rooting for assists is unnatural, it doesn't fit well into the dynamic of the game.  Now I can go back to being exciting when Rondo makes spectacular drives to the hoop, or knocks down open jumpers.  It was not a good feeling to be slightly disappointed every time he didn't pass.


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