Friday, November 30, 2012

Rondo's streak out, Brady's streak in

We keep track of sports statistics because they make the games more fun to watch; especially when they involve our favorite players approaching all-time records.  Tom Brady has thrown a touchdown pass in 43 consecutive regular season games.  It's the 3rd longest run of it's kind in the history of the NFL (Johnny Unitas 48, Drew Brees 54).

I haven't paid that much attention to it though, because up until last night, Brees' record was active as well.  For nearly two months Brady has extended his streak each week, but gotten no closer to the mark that Brees kept increasing.  Yesterday the Falcons held Brees touchdown pass-less.  Brady could set a new standard 12 games from now.  Oddly enough, the day after Rajon Rondo's near record streak ended, Tom Brady's fell into the spotlight.


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