Sunday, August 7, 2016

Recycle Sunday (No. 18)

I'm way past due for a Recycle Sunday post, this is the first of 2016:

A year ago when Tom Brady's four-game suspension was overturned, I suggested it might actually decrease the Patriots' Super Bowl chances.  They fell just short, so maybe now that it's back...

How lazy is it that both villains in The Karate Kid have the same name?

We don't have to call a "Grand Slam" something else because of Serena Williams

The worst haircut in human history

Report: The Patriots kicked your dog, may soon spit on your baby too

Gronk was the best athlete in "Caveman Games," how perfect is that?

Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle. Reggie Jackson. David Ortiz.

Why I don't like the MLB Wild Card game (imagine an NFL playoff lasting only 6 minutes?)

One of the most amazing/telling Patriots stats I've ever seen

I still don't understand how LeBron James wasn't fined for ripping apart his jersey on national TV.

Could you eat this cucumber sandwich?

The NBA has officially made 20-second timeouts 60 second long.  Huh?

When a screenshot of a SportsCenter graphic is worth 1,000 words (how you destroy a perfect season)

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