Sunday, August 30, 2015

How lazy is it that both villains in "The Karate Kid" have the same name?

Somehow it took me 31 years to realize this.  It just popped into my head when I was writing a blog about Barney Stinson's theory on who the real Karate Kid is.

The leader of the Cobra Kai gang is named Johnny Lawrence.  The sensei's name is John Kreese.  Johnny and John?  Seriously?  Is it possible nobody ever picked up on this during production?  They couldn't have called one of them Michael or something?

While they were at it, they might as well have just made Mr. Miyagi's first name Dan.


  1. Hilarious! Actually I felt so while I was watching the movie. It really makes me laugh.My friend who is learning Best Karate in Connecticut had brought me the DVD and we together watched it. It was really fun to see.

    1. Hilarious! None of what you said makes sense! Seriously, go get a dictionary. And here's an fyi:

      1. It's okay to have the same first name as someone else.

      2. The karate they show is actually real karate with a little taekwondo. Obviously your friends doesn't know Jack shit, so I'm glad something they have no idea about made them laugh.

      And 3. But I'm glad to hear you have good taste in movies. Hope you watched Cobra Kai, which is based off The Karate Kid. With Johnny being the main character and letting us view his side of his story and how is life is now after 27 years after the match between him and Daniel. (Yes, Daniel is in it to) and they both go head to head and start a karate war but with their kids but later on, they start fighting and then soon team up to go against Daniels past villains in The Karate Kid 3 because in the 2nd one Daniel and Chozen end up on good terms but it's Terry Silver that he has to face off with the help of Johnny, Chozen , and Mike Barnes. (Daniel teams up with Chozen as well and goes to Mike bc he thought Terry was going to ask Mike for helping him like he did in the karate kid 3 but it turns out that Terry didn't even cl him and plus Mike turned out to be a good guy now but still didn't want to team up and decided to leave the karate in the past. But Daniel made Terry upset so he tortured Mikes buinesness by setting it on fire anonymously and Mike thought it was Daniel and went after him but Daniel explained what was happening and him, Daniel, Chozen, and Johnny all team up bc Terry has Kreese on his side along with another dangerous dojo from a different country with a highly skilled sensei, Kim. They both plan on expanding dojos and brain washing the kids like Kreese did to Johnny back in 84' and teaching them to endanger other kids. (Johnny reopened Cobra Kai but wanted to change it and be the good guy for once but Daniel still saw it as what he experienced when he was a kid so now he opened up Miyagi-Do and started a karate war with both of their students and then Kreese came along and once again manipulated Johnny and took over Cobra Kai once again and made the students super agressive like how the old students were back in the day but when Johnny realized that the students were like how he remembers, he opened up a new dojo himself and called it Eagle Fang. Mean while as he did that Kreese was making kids "strike first" at Miyagi-Do. Daniel had enough and went to Johnny for help and when they collided Kreese heard about it and called up Terry. But Terry framed Kreese for a crim that he did and Terry called a women from another country that is a sensei that teaches similar tactics but is very skilled at the same time. Terry wants to collide their dojos and expand them by colliding with more and more dojos.) But with the help of Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, Chozen, and Mike Barnes and their students they all come together and help battle it out.) And yes everyone in Cobra Kai are from the original Karate Kid but Dutch isn't in it bc he's in jail in Cobra Kai but the re reason why he wasn't there was bc the actor himself said he didn't want to act anymore and had started racing and became a race car driver and unfortunately, Mr Miyagi wasnt in Cobra Kai bc in real life he died in 2005 and the show began in 2018 and it's still going but from what I've heard is that the last season will be 6 but I'm not sure. Ali Mills, Bobby, Tommy, and Jimmy, and Daniels other love interests in the other karate kids are all in it. It's all basically a karate soap opera. So much happens. Like there's parrells in Cobra Kai from the karate kid. Like one of johnnys students go to Golf N Stuff with their gf and take photos just like Daniel did with Ali. And then there are some lines in Cobra Kai that are in the karate kid. It's just a good show. 10/10

  2. Dude, shut the fuck up. It's okay for everyone to have the same name 🙄. Besides, you need to watch Cobra Kai. It'd make a whole lot of sense, smh.


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