Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Barney Stinson's theory about 'The Karate Kid' appears to be gaining momentum

On How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson made a point of saying that he believed Johnny, not Daniel, was the real hero in The Karate Kid:

In the show's final season, Billy Zabka even played himself as the best man at Barney's wedding.  Now it looks as though the Stinson theory on what was really going on in The Karate Kid is picking up some steam.  Check out this video (it's long, but I promise it's worth it):

"Daniel is granted unnatural strength by the demon sorcerer Miagi."   Classic.  I can't wait to see how they make Sato's angry nephew look like the good guy in The Karate Kid, Part II.

Barney screws up spectacular video game reference on "How I Met Your Mother"
Mallrats, flavored scotch, and How I Met Your Mother

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