Monday, August 24, 2015

Why don't you see more hair pulling in the NFL?

Every season there are more and more NFL players with long hair.  To me, that just seems stupid.  I feel as though it's a very easy thing to grab on to, and I'm shocked hair-pull tackles aren't a more frequent occurrence.

Why do so many football players take the risk of having long hair in the first place?  Couldn't it get caught in somebody else's helmet during all the collisions?  That must hurt a ton.  And why give your opponents something extra to get their hands on?

As far as I know, it's perfectly legal to tackle a guy by his hair--but I don't recall ever actually seeing it myself.  Why is that?  Is there an unwritten rule that says you don't do it?  I feel as though it's likely to happen several times per game, and I don't even have one memory of it.  What am I missing?

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