Tuesday, September 1, 2015

David Ortiz 500 home run watch update (it's definitely happening this year)

On August 6, I wrote a blog suggesting David Ortiz was on pace to hit home run No. 500 this season.  At the time, he was at 487 with 54 games remaining--requiring a pace of one long ball every 4.15 contests to reach 500.

In Boston's last 23 games, Ortiz has slugged eight homers (one per 2.88 games), leaving him at 495 with 31 dates left on the schedule.  Big Papi must go deep only once every 6.2 games the rest of the way to get it done.

Since June 10 (more than half of the season so far), Ortiz has 23 dingers in 71 games, a rate of one every 3.09 games--double the pace he'll need to get to 500 this year.  Book it.

Also, how great is this:

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