Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Awesome Old Video Game of the Week: "Caveman Games" for NES

First things' first--I'd already decided to write about Caveman Games before coming to this startling realization: Somehow it had completely slipped my mind that one of its characters was named Gronk.  And not only that, but Gronk dominated the game.  He was easily the best athlete of all the cavemen.  How perfect is that?  Amazing.  Now I'm even more pumped about this blog that I already was.

My best friend and I used to battle each other at Caveman Games in middle school 25 years ago.  As far as original Nintendo games go, it was actually pretty terrible.  But, it made us laugh and it was fun to play head-to-head.

Amid Dino Vault (pole vaulting over a dinosaur), Clubbing (pictured), Dino Race (riding a dinosaur), Fire Start (self explanatory) and Saber Race (trying to outrun a tiger), the most absurd event was Mate Toss:

You always knew that if you spun fast enough and let go at the right angle to get her halfway off the top of the screen, she'd do the funky chicken after she landed.  My favorite part was how it said 93 "foots" instead of "feet"--that still gets me.

What got me started on all this?  I recently discovered a real-life sport known as Finnish Wife Carrying after seeing some odds posted on it, and immediately Caveman Games came to mind.

Here's a link to play Caveman Games online (although it takes a long time to load).

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