Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can Rob Gronkowski break Randy Moss' touchdown record?

This morning I published a Bleacher Report/Draft Kings article on the top five tight ends in the NFL this year.  To no surprise, Rob Gronkowski is No. 1.  The trained writer in me had to be pragmatic with my expectations for Gronk, so I projected him to score 13 touchdowns this season, one more than he did last year.

However, the Patriots-fan side of my brain is not quite so reasonable.  During New England's offensive-juggernaut 16-0 season in 2007, Randy Moss caught 23 TDs from Tom Brady, the NFL record for a receiver.  I think Gronkowski may break that this year.

As much as 2007 was an "FU" season for the Pats because of Spygate, this one will feature an even bigger chip on Brady's shoulder--and Gronk is just as dangerous a weapon as Moss was, maybe even more so.

Brady potentially missing the first four games might cause Gronkowski's numbers to take a hit.  On the other hand, if Brady is forced to sit, he'll return even angrier and likely pile on to his No. 1 guy even more.

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