Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy left-handers' day!

Yes, apparently that is a real thing.  A year ago on this day I though Jon Lester, one of my favorite lefty athletes, might come back to Boston for less money.  That didn't happen...

Big Papi slugged two homers yesterday (including the extra, extra long one below), No. 490 and No. 491 for his career, because he realized the Red Sox were off today.  He's going to hit his 500th this season.

And for NBA fans:

Isaiah Thomas totally got snubbed for the last spot on that team, he probably should have won the award for best sixth man in the whole NBA last season.

But here's the real highlight of this blog, from 2011:

The Top 5 Things That Sucked About Being a Lefty Kid

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