Thursday, April 16, 2015

How good are the Celtics? Is Isaiah Thomas 6th man of the year? Plus other crazy NBA stats...

Here are a few tweets I sent out last night after Luigi Datome of all people scored 22 points to lead Boston to it's 40th win of the year:

Think about that for a second.  If the NBA season had begun in early February, the Celtics might be viewed as one of the best teams in basketball:

Topic No. 2, there's a very strong case for Isaiah Thomas to win the league's Sixth Man of the Year Award.  As I wrote on CelticsLife this morning, he's got the best stats, but he was also traded mid-season and Boston actually did just as well without him (10-5) after the magical February 2 date mentioned above.

And finally, check out my Stat Central feature today on Hoops Habit: Final NBA Leaders And Other Historical Performances.  Quick teaser: The top two rebounders in the league this season also both shot under 40 percent on free throws, the second and third worst percentages of all time.

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