Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So, bring on LeBron, I guess?

When Jae Crowder buried this absurd jumper to lift the Celtics to victory over the Raptors last night, the TD Garden crowd erupted in celebration:

I just sat in my seat and laughed.

Obviously I'm never one to root for a loss, but I was hoping the Celtics would fall to No. 8 and match up with the Hawks in Round 1 of the playoffs.  Instead, Crowder's basket locked Boston into the No. 7 seed and a trip to Cleveland.

There are two reasons why I wanted Atlanta instead of the LeBrons:

1.  I think the Celtics had a significantly greater chance to be competitive against the Hawks.

2.  Much more importantly, getting beat by the Cavs is going to be extremely annoying.  In case you're not a regular visitor to, I am not a fan of LeBron James.  Roughly 99 percent of what he does irritates me.  Watching my Celtics struggle against an obviously much more talented LeBron team in the playoffs will aggravate me to no end.  By comparison, falling to Atlanta would've been no big deal.

Losing to your arch enemy is a lot worse than losing to somebody you don't care about.

On the other hand, I also wrote a piece this morning for CelticsLife called Red hot Celtics riding wave of momentum into playoffs.  What Boston has done over the past 11 weeks is borderline unbelievable.

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