Thursday, October 17, 2013

My "all the reasons why I can't stand LeBron" compilation blog

LeBron's mom stuck up for him while losing to Boston in 2010.
With the Heat and Nets set to meet in a preseason game tonight, LeBron James took it upon himself to criticize Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for allowing themselves to be traded to Brooklyn; because of the way they were mean to his new buddy Ray Allen for bolting to Miami via free agency.  This inspired me to create a list (which I can't believe I hadn't done already) of everything I've written pertaining to LeBron's douchebaggery (sorry), starting with my CelticsLife post on his quote from yesterday.  Below are the rest in reverse chronological order, dating back to the inception of

6/21/13 - My stab at impersonating a sports headline from "The Onion": ESPN acknowledges the fact that other NBA players besides LeBron do exist.

6/19/13 - Most aggravating title I've ever written: "Did Ray Allen save LeBron's career?"

6/18/13 - Can a pair of LeBron shoes help San Antonio win the title?: James was a little premature with his title declaration.

6/12/13 - Does LeBron have the highest "basketball IQ" in the NBA? It's extremely unlikely.

5/14/13 - Why won't anybody call out LeBron for being a liar?: "I don't need to flop. I don't even know how to do it."

4/24/13 - The NBA has secretly eliminated the "no hanging on the rim" rule (probably because LeBron said so?)

3/28/13 - Does LeBron James think the rules of physics don't apply to him?: He ran through a guy and expected a flagrant foul to be called, but not on him.

6/4/12 - How long can the C's keep this going?: Featuring a spectacular quote from Rajon Rondo regarding LeBron and the Heat.

6/2/12 - It's funny that the Heat think acting like princesses is the way to go: Flopping all over the place...

12/2/11 - I don't understand how Lebron doesn't have smart people who tell him what to do: He mimicked Stevie Johnson's touchdown dance which mocked Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg.

10/19/11 - My anti-Lebron campaign is gaining momentum: Stephen A. Smith says "It's like he wants to be crowned with no rings."

8/4/11 - Don't worry Tim Tebow, "King" James has your back: James tweeted his confidence that Tebow would "succeed in the NFL" because he's a "winner."

6/26/11 - Brett Favre makes bid to regain the title of "most dislikable athlete on the planet": Guess who holds that honor?

6/15/11 - Some revealing numbers from the Lebron Finals Debacle: He was the 4th best player on his team in the championship series loss to Dallas.

6/13/11 - Heat schedule championship parade for Tuesday, plan to celebrate their second round victory over Boston

From CelticsLife, 12/21/13 - Don't worry LeBron, dunking on someone doesn't do them any actual harm

2/19/14 - LeBron James whines about not getting enough time off during the All-Star "break"

5/3/14 - The "LeBron app" commercial makes me want to vomit

7/28/14 - NBA planning to make All-Star break longer because LeBron said so; and No. 23 controversy

11/1/14 - Why can't LeBron James just be humble?

1/29/15 - LeBron calls his teammates' 55-point game "one of the greatest performances by a person"

6/12/15 - It's funny that LeBron's constant pretending to be hurt finally got him legitimately hurt

From CelticsLife, 6/19/15 - Stein: 'LeBron's emasculation of Blatt unbecoming'

1/28/16 - LeBron wants you to know that he's not a coach killer, he's just smarter than them

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