Thursday, January 29, 2015

I was wrong about the Sixers, but I'm right about LeBron

I predicted this season's Philadelphia 76ers would be the worst NBA team ever.  It looks like that's not going to happen.

Oddly enough, with the Celtics losing to the Timberwolves the three bottom teams in the league all won yesterday.

Also last night, LeBron James (who sat out with a sprained wrist) made a fairly bold statement after watching his teammate Kyrie Irving scored 55 points:

"Greatest performances by a person"???  Why do you have to say this kind of thing LeBron?!

It's pretty easy not to.  How can he fail to realize the absurdity of that statement as he's typing it?  Why does he feel the need to give people like me reasons like this to get so annoyed with him?

Now I've got to go back and add this in to my "all the reasons why I can't stand LeBron" compilation blog.

Oh and by the way, Irving's showing was actually fairly poor as far as 50-point games in the NBA go (check out my article on Hoops Habit), so I'd probably leave it off my list of "greatest performances by a person."

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