Friday, November 14, 2014

Checking in on the Sixers quest to be the worst team in NBA history has an article on it's front page this morning entitled "Could these 76ers be worst ever?"  This is something I've been saying all season.  I think I first mentioned it on The Bob Sullivan Show two weeks ago (at the 104-minute mark), then I sent out this tweet a few days later:

I also brought it up in a post on who would win first, the 76ers or Lakers (LA won one immediately after).

Last night the 0-8 Sixers lost in Dallas by 53 points.  At halftime the score was 73-29 (reminiscent of a game last year against the Clippers in which they trailed 89-33 at one point).  ESPN's article says that the 44-point halftime deficit is the second largest in NBA history.  It also mentions that Philly has been outscored by 143 points so far (17.9 per night), the third worst margin after eight games in league history.  And, dating back to last February the 76ers have lost 40 of their last 44.

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