Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are the Philadelphia 76ers having the worst month in NBA history?

Rookie Michael Carter-Williams is the only guy left.
I've been following the Celtics efforts to get a top pick in the draft via the Tankometer, but it's the Philadelphia 76ers who are taking tanking to new levels of epic proportions.  First they decided to hold their lottery pick Nerlens Noel out for the entire year before the season even started, then they dealt away Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, and Lavoy Allen at last week's trade deadline, while receiving next to nothing in return.

But what I really want to focus on is their on-court performance.  Philly's defense is atrocious, allowing a league high 111 points per game, over five points more than the Lakers' second worst 105.9 PPG.  The Sixers have held their opponents under 100 points on just six occasions all season, and none during their current 11 game losing streak (which would be 15 if it weren't for a Turner buzzer beater in Boston).  During the streak they have been outscored by a ridiculous average margin of 20.3 points per game, (117.4 to 97.1).

A week and a half ago the 76ers trailed the Clippers by a score of 89-33 at one point, eventually falling 123-78.  They followed that up by dropping a 123-80 decision to the Warriors the very next night.  But at least those were road games against good teams.  Last night the Sixers hosted the Bucks, owners of an NBA worst 10-45 record.  Philly fell behind 73-44 at halftime, eventually losing 130-110.

On Wednesday the 76ers play a home game against the Orlando Magic (17-41), who have the league's third worst record after Milwaukee (now 11-45) and Philadelphia (15-42).  If the Sixers get pummeled once again, you'd have to think their winless February would be considered one of the worst months in NBA history (if you have the means to acquire the actual data on this, please let me know!).



  1. Did you notice that the Bucks had 20 offensive rebounds and only 36 missed field goals? That's 56%...40+% is uncommon.
    I don't know how to do fancy searches and such like you youngsters, but curiosity made me look back at the seasons of the 1972-73 Sixers and the Bobcats from a couple of years ago. Those 76ers had two "0-fer" months (Oct. 9 games, April 12 or 13); the Cats were 0-16 in April. It's probably happened to an expansion team or two as well, I'd imagine.

    1. Wow, great stat on Bucks offensive boards, that's crazy. Yeah, those Bobcats were on pace for just 8 wins in a full season... Check out the update Abacus, Sixers are on the verge of completing the 2nd worst point differential month ever!


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