Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Celtics will finally be stuck wearing sleeves. Ugh.

A little over a year ago the Golden State Warriors announced that they would wear sleeved jerseys on occasion.  When this happened my immediate reaction was "Man, I hope the Celtics never do that."  Every team who played on Christmas Day this season also wore sleeved jerseys, but when Boston traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett the previous summer the league decided to pull the C's from their annual December 25th lineup (even though a Celtics uniform was created).  This year's All-Star game featured more of the same, but no Boston players were in it.

But now news has broken that the Celtics (and Bulls) will in fact be wearing uniforms with sleeves on St. Patricks Day (pictured).  Boston plays in Dallas that night, I may have to boycott watching.

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