Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The NBA's Christmas Day games are pretty terrible, they should have stuck with the Celtics

Bad games in strange uniforms.
For the last 5 years the Boston Celtics have played on Christmas Day.  My league sources tell me they were supposed to take the floor again this year, but after trading away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett over the summer the NBA decided to pull them from it's showcased December 25th lineup.  That explains why they're off for nearly an entire week (which in the horrible Atlantic Division may actually help Boston regain first place), and also why a Celtics version of the official Christmas jersey was created (pictured on the right -- yeah, short sleeves, weird).  Anyway, here's the schedule:

12:00 pm: Chicago (10-16) at Brooklyn (9-18)
2:30 pm: Oklahoma City (22-5) at New York (9-18)
5:00 pm: Miami (21-6) at LA Lakers (13-15)

The night games get better with 18-11 Houston visiting 22-6 San Antonio at 8:00 pm, and the LA Clippers (20-9) taking on Golden State (16-13) at 10:30.  But the marquee matchups are supposed to be in the afternoon, and the 12-17 Celtics have a better record than half the teams playing.

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