Monday, February 11, 2013

Short sleeve NBA uniforms?

The Golden State Warriors have announced that they will wear short sleeve uniform jerseys for three of their remaining home games this season.  My gut instinct tells me that this is a terrible, terrible idea.  Here's the promotional picture they have just released:

Actual NBA player.

Equally as poor as the decision to wear these uniforms is the selection of photograph used to show them off.  When do you ever see a basketball player do that?  Harrison Barnes (Warriors #40, pictured) can not be pleased.  All I can think of when I see this outfit/pose combination is Olympic team handball:

Some guy from the Olympics.

Come on NBA, you're better than that.  Seriously.



  1. The irony in this is that for years the league was adamant about not letting guys wear sleeves under their uniform jerseys -- Patrick Ewing comes to mind. I guess the limits for marketable merchandise know no bounds.
    But those shirts are almost as ugly as those two-toned jobbies the Grizzlies wore 2 or 3 times last year. I think those unis set the franchise back further than trading Rudy Gay.

    Last thing, I had to use you Pierce stat in my latest piece ( I hope I didn't offend or violate any protocols

  2. I know the idea is that guys don't like wearing tank tops, so putting sleeves on a jersey = selling more jerseys. But in the early '00s, when rappers made basketball jerseys a temporarily stylish thing to wear, people just wore them over t-shirts. The style will come back like styles do (like pop songs) and they'll sell a lot of jerseys again then. What won't bring the style back is making jerseys goofy looking, like this.

  3. Abacus, I'm honored that you cited my post! Feel free any time! I'm also planning to write an updated version of that Pierce as Rondo story on Celtics Life in the next couple days. And Paul, I agree completely.


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