Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jason Collins inspired Awesome Old Song of the Week: "Free to Be... You and Me"

Back on April 29th of last year former Celtic Jason Collins announced that he is gay.  He's hasn't been in the NBA since, but today he signed with the Brooklyn Nets (reuniting him with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and a number of other old teammates).  Tonight he will be the first openly gay athlete to ever take the floor/field/ice in one of the four major American professional sports.

Is it Jackie Robinson, no (although like Robinson it's again Brooklyn; that's cool).  But it is the closest thing we've had in a long, long time.  I'd love some suggestions for something similar to compare this to, either in sports or society as a whole.  

In honor of this historic day I'm choosing the title song from a record (yes, an actual record) that I must have listened to 1000 times over the course of my childhood.  "Free to Be... You and Me."

My mom is going to love this blog.


  1. Alan Alda and Marty Conlon are the two famous alumni from my high school (in addition to Jon Voight) lol. Go Stepinac.

  2. Alan Alda and Marty Conlon are not two names I ever expected to see in the same sentence. Awesome.


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