Saturday, February 22, 2014

NBC to bring back "Heroes"; as a one-season miniseries maybe it won't fall victim to the usual pitfalls?

When Heroes debuted in 2006 I thought it was one of the best ideas for a TV show I'd seen in a long time.  And at first it was awesome.  But then a little while later it wasn't.  I'm not sure exactly when the train went off the tracks, but I do remember thinking that it failed miserably to live up to its potential.

In 2015 NBC will air a 13 episode miniseries called Heroes Reborn, with different characters and a new story.  If the network is actually committed to it beginning and ending all in one season, Heroes could be much better this time around.  One of my biggest complaints with TV shows of that genre is when they keep throwing in excessive/unnecessary twists that bring up new questions, and then don't bother to answer any of the old ones (that's the main reason why I gave up on Lost halfway through the first season).  It's as if they think the audience is too stupid and lacks the attention span to actually care about following through on plot lines.

But if the writers know from the beginning that they won't have to keep the show going, maybe this common trap can be avoided.

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