Friday, February 21, 2014

Celtics Tankometer drops as the trade deadline passes

Boston only took the court once since the previous Tankometer reading (54%), a 100-94 loss in Phoenix on Wednesday in which they played pretty well (meter down).  Avery Bradley didn't even travel on the current west coast trip however, despite no real explanation as to why his sprained ankle isn't getting better (meter back up).

But the big thing that happened this week is that Danny Ainge didn't trade anybody.  He didn't get any offers he liked for Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, or Kris Humphries (who's contract is up and the end of the season anyway), so he kept all of them.  Hanging on to players you don't really care about because you won't get fair value in return is definitely not tanking.

On the other hand those pesky Philadelphia 76ers dealt away half their team yesterday just because they could; dumping all their talent that they didn't intend to build around in an effort to be as bad as possible right now.

The remainder of the Celtics road trip is against the three worst teams in the Western Conference (at LA Lakers, Sacramento, and Utah), all clubs competing with Boston for lottery position.  If the C's don't grab a win or two in the bunch the Tankometer needle will be back on the rise.

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