Saturday, November 15, 2014

So I ran into LeBron James on the street last night...

I left work yesterday a little before five p.m. and starting walking in the direction of home.  Along the way I passed the Four Seasons Hotel on Boylston Street.  There was a bus parked out front and several people with basketballs in their hands standing behind some police barricades.  Here's my thought process:

"Hmm that's weird... wait, the Cavs are in town.  LeBron is here.  They're probably staying at this hotel and heading over to the Garden momentarily."

I figured I'd give it a few minutes and see what happened.  First Cleveland's center Anderson Varejao came out.  After that a bunch of people nobody recognized got on the bus, including former Celtics assistant coach Tyron Lue.  I felt like saying "Hey Tyron, good to see you back in Boston!"  But, that's not really my style.  Then LeBron emerged, and the people went nuts--one women in particular:

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