Saturday, January 31, 2015

Would you be pissed if you lost your Super Bowl ticket but got double your money back?

Apparently this is one of the most difficult Super Bowls to get a ticket to in recent history.  Reports are saying that the cheapest price is currently hovering around $9,000.

There's a story on the front page of right now called Hundreds Lose Out On Super Bowl Tickets.  Apparently a number of ticket agencies were never able to acquire the tickets they expected to and had to renege on ones they'd already sold.  This section of the article made me laugh out loud:

Daryl Kikucki, a 37-year-old regional service manager for a jet company in Seattle, is a Seahawks season-ticket holder who sold his ticket to the NFC Championship Game so that he could afford to go the Super Bowl.

He bought a $2,100 ticket listed on SeatGeek, which pulled the seat from a company called Prominent Tickets.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have not received our normal allotment of Super Bowl inventory," read an email sent from the company to Kikuchi. "In our 26 years of business, we have never seen a market with such limited availability to the public ... If the tickets were out there, we would rather pay to fill your orders, but we cannot buy tickets that do not exist."

The company's terms and conditions, which a customer must check, absolves it from liability but does not represent that tickets that are listed might not be in its possession.

"Now when I think about this game, I get sick to my stomach, knowing I'm not going to be in the stadium," said Kikuchi, who added he had no choice but to take the company's offer of two times what he paid.

I love how they sneak that last phrase in there "he had no choice but to take the company's offer of two times what he paid."  Free $2,100?  Boo hoo.

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